As with any investigation, domain/host investigation is only as good as the resources it uses. We have therefore amassed what is one of the world’s largest private domain databases – 765+ million registered and expired domain names and counting!
It covers all gTLDs (.com, .net, .info, .biz, .org), new gTLDs (.club, .city, .shop, etc.), and ccTLDs (.uk, .de, .ca, etc.) which include about 90% of the domains registered in all ccTLDs.

Combining that with a team of highly qualified experts and one of the world’s largest private domain databases, we can offer you flexible and ever-improving domain services:

All Relations Lookup

A domain lookup that allows you to search for the domain’s NS records, A and AAAA records, MX records /if available/, Whois details and lists of all related domains by NS, IP, MX or host.

It offers you unique search interconnectedness among all these results that enables you to find relations among any of the domains or domain data above by simply clicking on any result.

Related Names Lookup

You can find related domains by searching a keyword or a phrase in our active domain database and get a list of all the domains that contain your search.

Reverse Whois

This lookup allows you to find all domain names owned by the same organization or natural person by searching their name, email address, or other identifiers from a Whois record.

Reverse IP

If you search an IP address the lookup provides you with all the domains on the same IP.

Reverse NS & MX

You can find all domains sharing the same nameservers with Reverse NS. Reverse MX allows you to find all domains using the same MX records.

Reverse NS* & MX*

This new lookup works like Reverse NS & MX, but allows you to find a much broader range of results of connected domains by NS and MX. Why not check it out now!

Archive DNS Data

We can provide archive DNS data on request. Simply write to us with your query and we’ll get back to you with more details.


Other Services We Can Offer You

Apart from the investigation tools above, we can offer bulk queries, domain research and more!

Bulk Queries

If you have huge demands, we can easily provide you with bulk queries for Whois, Reverse IP, NS, MX and Social Stats checks!

All-Inclusive Domain Research

To help you gather as much domain data as possible, we offer a variety of investigation tools, such as Reverse Whois, IP, NS and MX, and two unique lookups, which allow you to do advanced searches with multiple filters.

Trademark Monitoring

Our trademark monitoring service is designed to help you manage your online brand protection. The flexibility and universal popularity of the Internet allows for many profitable opportunities, but they may also leave businesses vulnerable to brand abuse. Our Trademark Monitoring service will allow you to easily keep track of all existing domains containing your brand.

Brandable .com Domains

We provide you with a tailor-made list of suitable domains to pick and choose for your brand. It is customized according to your selection criteria – keyword/phrase, domain extension, language, domain history, etc.


More useful information

Please keep in mind that search results show data snapshots updated every 2-3 weeks. If you need results in real time, let us know and we can make a custom update for you.

Please also note that you should enter at least a five-symbol long string in the search field to get results. If you’d like to make a custom search with shorter strings, get in touch with us.

A downloadable link with your search results will be made available to you if you’d like to purchase the full results report.

Please note that in some rare cases the displayed number of results may not be accurate. When you download the full report, your account will be charged according to the final number of rows included in that report.

Pricing & Subscription Plans

To benefit the most from our tools and services, please go to Pricing and Subscription Plans to choose the option that best meets your business needs. We offer discounts as well!

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