Who we are

DomainEye is a domain/host investigation startup based in Sofia, Bulgaria, one of the fastest-growing IT hubs in Europe. Co-founded by Kalin Karakehayov, top SEO/online marketing and domaining expert, and Metodi Darzev, highly qualified software developer, experienced in web services and security, DomainEye is committed to providing the best quality all-in-one domain/host investigation services.

Thanks to the tireless joint efforts and combined expertise of a dedicated team of twenty, we at DomainEye are excited to present you with our new and amazing Domain research tool, IP lookups, and Reverse IP, NS, and MX tools.

What we do

Combining years of best practices with the most impressive domain name database puts us in the unique position to offer you unrivaled domain investigation tools.

We source search results from 765+ million domain names in total, covering almost all gTLD domain names (incl. the new gTLD extensions) and 90% of the domains among all ccTLDs. We are committed to constantly expanding the database, so you will always have results including newly registered domain names.

Services such as reverse Whois, reverse IP lookup, as well as reverse NS and MX have become increasingly popular for law enforcement and businesses alike. Our reverse IP lookup service can find all domains related to another domain, IP address, NS server or MX records.
Query results can be indispensable for corporate intelligence or academic research, as well as for criminal investigations.

We can also offer bulk services in case you need to check millions of records and are already annoyed with the query limits you hit everywhere else. Our newly developed system can run millions of lookups and return parsed results.

You ask – we provide! Contact us with your investigation needs and we will make you an enticing offer!

There’s more to come from DomainEye’s creative team.

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