Pricing & Subscription Plans

We are pleased to introduce our brand new credit system to charge for domain query services. It adds flexibility to our subscription plans and you can benefit from extra credits and discounts! Paid subscriptions entitle you to free credits. The number and price of credits depend on your preferred subscription plan.

Monthly subscription Guest Registered Basic Business Platinum
Registration x
Monthly credits x x 200 1000 5000
Searches per day 3 10 150 500 2000
Free results per search 40 80 200 500 1000
Premium services (‘Reverse NS*’ and ‘Reverse MX*’) x x x

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(60 EUR)

(200 EUR)

(500 EUR)

We value long-term business relations, so we offer discounts: 10% off for a 6-month subscription and 20% off if you subscribe for 1 year!

Service Cost Note
1000 rows of domains 10 credits Requests costing less than 10 credits cannot be processed.
1000 rows of domains + DNS data 15 credits The maximum number of requests per list is 3 million.
100 API query results 1 credit Coming soon!
Use of a service available in another subscription plan 1000 credits

Please keep in mind that:

– subscriptions apply only to our search services. For the rest of our service prices, go directly to Services.

– search results show data snapshots updated every 2-3 weeks. If you need real-time results, let us know and we can make a custom update for you.

– in some rare cases, the displayed number of results may not be accurate. When you download the full report, your account will be charged according to the final number of rows included in that report.

– free credits are allotted monthly and, if unused for the subscription period, are lost, unlike extra bought credits, which are transferred to the next month and are not lost if the account is downgraded.

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