New Services We Plan to Offer Soon!

March 23, 2017

As our domain database grows and supporting infrastructure improves, so do the services we can offer you. Check them out below!

SPF Records Lookups
Collecting and providing SPF records is still rare in the domain world, but it can be useful in email protection so we will soon offer the SPF records of existing domains in our database /if available/.

Historical Reverse Search – IP, NS, MX, Whois
History searches can reveal ownership trail, domain transfer history, IP address changes, etc. and provide valuable information for investigating criminal websites or trademark infringements.

Extended Whois
Search by any identifier in the Whois record, eg owner’s country, phone number, registrar’s name, etc. to be able to access as much data as you need!

Bulk Services
Reverse IP, NS and MX checks in bulk, Social Stats checks, and other bulk lookups are available!

IP Range Services
We can provide an IP Reverse Lookup by your preferred IP address range, eg class C, which can bring you more diverse results to meet your needs.

Monitoring Tools
Our monitoring services regularly supply you with updates/modifications of any data from our domain database, eg IP addresses, Whois records, MX records, nameservers, etc. if you need to hunt for good domains to buy, to monitor your competition, to check suspicious IP addresses, to take action on suspect brand infringement, etc., this is the tool to use!

We offer API for bulk queries as well.

Multiple Criteria Search
Such combined searches include more than one criteria, eg by reverse NS and MX records or by a keyword and domain owner data. This allows you to narrow down your search and get the specific results you need.

Interconnected search
This special search allows you to find out how two domains are interconnected and the number of relations between them.

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