Reverse Whois

Reverse Whois is a search that allows you to look up all domain names associated with a company name, natural person, or email address from a Whois record.
We’re committed to providing you with the best reverse Whois on the market. Our tool offers you:

– massive search results sourced from our giant of a domain database (now updated every two to three weeks)
– streamlined query management system
– efficient delivery of results within the deadline and format set by you.

Our reverse Whois is a well-developed service that can be tailored to meet your needs to:

– identify potential intellectual property/trademark infringements early on: eg by checking all domains (containing your trademarked word/string) of potential abusers to uncover more violations.
– conduct B2B and market research (clients, suppliers, resellers, partners): eg based on your requirements, we provide you with a list of domains from our database. Then our reverse Whois helps you find all domains owned by your selected companies so you can assess them by client base, market share, online exposure, or other preferred criteria.
– conduct legal or corporate research: eg you may wish to check all domains belonging to your competitors and evaluate them compared to yours based on rankings, customer views, online presence in a selected country or region, etc.
– detect and investigate cybercrime cases /fraud, security breaches, piracy, etc./
– create statistics for academic research: eg assess growth of domain name numbers, distribution by industry, region, etc.

Reverse Whois

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