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May 12, 2016

The DomainEye investigation portal is close to launch and our huge domain database will make sure our reverse IP service and NS and MX analysis are top quality.

Whois services (from the simple everyday Whois checks to much more complex reverse Whois search capabilities) will come next and be ready in a few months.

However, our competitor, the industry giant DomainTools, has recently decided to streamline their user account system which has increased subscription prices for their users (the older the user, the more significant the increase). This makes sense from their point of view as their shift to enterprise and security services is obvious but it has left a lot of unhappy customers.

As there is no good alternative for everyday Whois checks, we will try to speed up our upcoming Whois tools so users can come to do their lookups with us.

The DomainEye team (below) has worked for years to offer this service (trust me, it’s not easy) and soon the Whois checker will be ready to launch!


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